Technology Services

Domain Name

Register a domain name, the 'address' where people will find your website. (If it's cheap, watch for hidden charges.)

Set up hosting

Your website needs a place to live. This is it's home. Your place or mine?

Install Wordpress

This is the skeleton of the website. Lots, and I mean LOTS, of websites use WordPress for it's ease of use, flexibility, and customization.

Customize Theme

Give the site an overall 'look'. Who are you? Tell the world. This is "The Me".

Add Content

They say content is king. True. Make it your own website by adding content unique to you.

The cost for your project depends on the complexity, function, and design of the final website along with the level of your involvement.

Typically I can get you beyond satisfied and into happy somewhere between $750 - $900. Actual mileage may vary.